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Earn points and miles by planning your wedding.

Use these points to take the honeymoon of your dreams for free!

Your Dream Honeymoon Awaits

First class flying, bottomless champagne, and an over-the-water bungalow on an exotic island isn’t only for celebrity weddings. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you deserve the million-dollar dream honeymoon to follow.

From lounging on the white sand beaches of Bora Bora to adventuring across the Andes of Patagonia, your fairy-tale honeymoon can be affordable.

And we’ll show you how you can do it.

Big Dreams and Small Budgets

Most couples spend $10,000 to $20,000 to take a dream honeymoon — and this is after the tens of thousands of dollars they’ve already spent planning their ceremony and reception.


By using a few travel hacking tools, we’ll help you put that money back into your pocket.


No need to staycation or pinch pennies until after your finances recover from your wedding. You can earn free flights and stay in honeymoon suites for a fraction of the normal price. We’ll even show you how to get free champagne!

Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it Too


You don’t have time to become a travel agent while also planning for your big day. That’s why we’ve put together a practical guide with simple action steps specifically for brides and grooms.

We give you the travel tools you need that so that you can focus on your guest list.


With this guide, you’ll save thousands of dollars AND have the most romantic honeymoon that you can imagine!


You’ll learn how to quickly get all the points and miles you need for your nearly-free dream honeymoon while you are planning your wedding.

“We saved more than $14,000 on our honeymoon by using points and miles”

-Noah and Becky, Fiji

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Introducing: The Honeymoon Hack

Get two tickets to paradise, without breaking the bank!

The ultimate step-by-step program to help couples plan and take their dream honeymoon for free.

The Honeymoon Hack is a complete resource to guide you from engagement (or even before), down the aisle, and all the way to your honeymoon suite.

You’ll learn how to:

Easily earn all the points you need for your nearly-free honeymoon while paying your wedding planning expenses.

Get free elite status in hotel programs to land a honeymoon suite upgrade (along with free breakfast and other perks).

Gain access to airline lounges, first class cabins, and bottomless champagne!

Learn the magic words to land luxury honeymoon treatment (and learn when to say them).

Get the flights and hotel rooms you want, and know how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

Earn points from your guests by partnering with hotel wedding programs.

But wait! There's more.

Depending on which version of The Honeymoon Hack you choose you’ll receive some (or all!) of these bonus resources to help you on your way.

The Complete Checklist

Keep track your honeymoon hacking to do’s from engagement to departure.

Hack The Knot's Top 50 Destinations

Details on using points to travel to The Knot’s top 50 honeymoon destinations (hotel tips included!)

How to Earn on Everything

A quick guide on earning maximum points for every wedding planning expense.

Real Life Stories

Two video case studies with couples who planned luxury honeymoons to Europe and Asia on points.

Listen and Learn

A series of 6 audio lesson to accompany each of the handbook modules for learning on the go!

Unconventional Destinations

Learn to hack an off-the-beaten-path honeymoon in an audio feature with Chris Guillebeau.

Your Honeymoon Hacking Concierge


You’ll be guided on this adventure by Stephanie Zito, a life-long points and miles collector and teacher of travel hacking who has ventured to all 7 continents and more than 125 countries.

This year, while traveling in Bora Bora, Stephanie drank piña coladas on the beach and chatted with dozens of honeymooning couples who’d each spent tens of thousands of dollars to take the exact same trip that she was on for free.

At that moment she decided to help newlyweds travel better– enabling couples to have their fantasy trip without starting married life in honeymoon debt.  She started writing this guide on the deck of her over-the-water bungalow.


What the Newlyweds are Saying

You won’t be the first to take a fabulous honeymoon for free. The honeymoon handbook includes tips from more than a dozen couples who show you how they’ve successfully hacked their dream honeymoon on points.

“We saved thousands of dollars by using hotel points for our honeymoon suite, and we got an upgrade to the best room in the house with a view of the Eiffel Tower because of our elite status (that we got for free!! The experiences we had were priceless, but it’s also good to not have to spend so much for them as well.”

-Ediza and Ryan, Paris 2015

“Flying business class to Asia was the icing on the wedding cake. Neither of us had ever experienced such luxury and our jaws dropped at every new experience! Seats that turned into beds, champagne upon boarding, getting to choose high-end entrees and special chocolate deserts for the honeymoon couple…the luxury just never ended. And knowing we hadn’t paid anything more than the taxes on the whole experience just made it all the more sweet!”

Chelsea & Kevin, Thailand 2016

Ready to commit?

Just like a wedding cake you’ve got three tiers to choose from! Every package comes with your complete 50+ page Honeymoon Hacking Handbook, and a selection of bonus tools to get you on your way.

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  • How to Hack The Knot's top 50 Honeymoon Destinations
  • 2 Video Case Studies
  • Unconventional Honeymoons Audio
  • 6 Essential Audio Companion Lessons
  • Honeymoon Links Quick Guide
  • Say Yes
  • The Main Event

    The best value and our most popular version. You'll get all the core honeymoon hacking tools and a few bonuses to get you to the front of the boarding line.

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  • The Honeymoon Hack Handbook
  • Honeymoon Hacking Checklist
  • Earn on Every Wedding Expense
  • 2 Video Case Studies
  • Honeymoon Links Quick Guide
  • Say Yes
  • The Mini-Moon

    As a budget savvy couple you're ready to get your honeymoon on with or without frills. This basic version equips you with the essential tools to make the magic happen.

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  • The Honeymoon Hack Handbook
  • Honeymoon Hacking Checklist
  • Honeymoon Links- Quick Guide

  • Say Yes

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You can’t afford not to save this much.

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Our Vow to You

You’ve got enough to worry about while planning a wedding–so we’ve created the world’s greatest guarantee to ensure that purchasing this guide doesn’t cause you any extra stress.

If you give honeymoon hacking a solid try and it isn’t right for you, we’ll make it right, or we’ll give you your money back.  It’s more solid than a prenup.

Pop the Question (& Answers)

What inquiring brides and grooms want to know

How does honeymoon hacking work?

Honeymoon hacking is a targeted form of travel hacking, or using points and miles to save money and gain free travel This guide specifically helps couples to earn travel reward points from wedding planning expenses, and use these points to book your honeymoon flights and hotels with big savings.

Will I have to get lots of credit cards?

Credit cards bonuses are the fastest way to earn a free honeymoon, but there are other ways you can earn points while planning a wedding–including using a single points earning credit card.

Can I hack a honeymoon if I don't live in the U.S.?

Honeymoon hacking works anywhere. Most of the examples in this guide are U.S. or Canada based, but the principles can be applied worldwide.

What if my wedding is soon? (or I'm not engaged yet)

The principles laid out in the guide can all be applied no matter where you are in the wedding planning timeline. If you have at least 30-90 days before your honeymoon and final expenses to pay, you’ll still be able to earn enough points to benefit from honeymoon hacking.

If you aren’t yet engaged, but thinking ahead, you’re in great shape. Get the guide now and get started earning. More time equals more opportunities to earn miles, and more points currency to spend on your honeymoon when it’s time!

How do I give this as a gift?

Gifting the honeymoon hack to your favorite couple is as easy as buying it for yourself. In the checkout process, simply click the the gift icon in the top right corner of the checkout box.

You’ll enter both your information and the recipients information, and you’ll be able to send them a custom message with their gift.

How will I receive the guide?

All versions of The Honeymoon Hack and accompanying resources are delivered electronically as a digital files at time of purchase. The .pdf of the main guide can be read on your computer, tablet, or kindle (and you can print it too!).

How does the guarantee work?

Get any version of the guide and spend some time going over the materials. If it really doesn’t serve your needs after 30 days, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Will this work if it isn't a honeymoon trip?

This guide is specifically written with honeymooners in mind and focuses on how to earn points while planning a wedding. If you’re looking for a resource that explains the similar concepts to plan luxury trips of any kind with points, check out our sister guide Upgrade Unlocked.

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